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Description: Create a web application that can be used to create todo lists, add tasks to the lists, check tasks once they are done, and view history

Learning outcomes: This project will teach the concepts of 

  • Frontend Development
  • User Experience

Todo List Features: Each list should have the following fields
a) Title
b) Short description (optional)
c) Ability to add tasks to the list
d) Ability to mark a task completed
e) Ability to view previous tasks /history

Option to Drag and Drog a task: 
So a task can be dragged and dropped in the list and across lists

Option to Edit the list: The should be an option to edit all the fields of a List.

Option to Delete the List: The should be an option to delete the list.

You can look at Trello as an example of the app we are envisioning.

Templates: You can make it similar to Trello.

Frontpage: This can have all the created lists listed and an option to create new lists.

Data storage: You can store the data in the browser's local storage

Technologies that can be used: ReactJS/Jquery/Javascript

If you have any queries, you can ping us on Twitter/telegram or by contacting us on this site.