Blog Post

Description: Create a web application that can be used to create, update, delete and read blogs.

Learning outcomes: This project will teach the concepts of 

  • Frontend Development
  • Database modeling
  • Backend Handling
  • User Experience

Blog Features: Each blog should have the following fields
a) Title
b) Short description
c) Image (optional)
d) Text (Blog body)
e) Status (draft(default), published, hidden, flagged, deleted)
f) Slug (unique URL path)

Option to Read the blog: Each blog should be viewable on a unique URL path. Example:

Option to Edit the blog: The should be an option to edit all the fields of a blog.

Option to Delete the blog: The should be an option to delete the blog. This should change the status of the blog to `deleted`.

WYSIWYG Editor: For the blog body you can use a WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE.

Templates: For the start, only one template can be used. You can use something like this template.

Frontpage: This can have all the created blogs listed with their short description and images.

Technologies that can be used: ReactJS/Jquery/Javascript, Django / Node.js / Ruby on rails, Sqlite3

If you have any queries, you can ping us on Twitter/telegram or by contacting us on this site.