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4th industrial revolution is here and we are underprepared for it. According to World economic forum report 2020, 1 billion workers need to be reskilled for meeting demand of the market. Also, 42% core skills required for jobs will change. We aim to help you learn those skills so you can participate well in the economy. Our unique method is listed below.

  • Live interactive classes, to keep the human element of learning and teaching alive.
  • Small group size for interaction, every student gets attention they deserve thus learning is enhanced.
  • Industry focused curriculum, so that you learn what is required in the industry not theory which will be of no use to you.
  • Project based approach so that learn to apply the knowledge you have gained and not only remember the facts.

Our instructors are industry experts who have great knowledge of the theory and application of their subjects. We also make sure that you receive the mentorship you need.

Access to quality higher education in India is still pretty low . Only top 1%-5% students can get entry into the best colleges of India , rest of the 95% students have to study in private colleges where the quality of education isn't good. Hence they are never able to develop these skills and thus are unable to get a job or get a low-paying job.

We want to provide courses which give the students skills that make them more employable. They can do these courses to get a job or prepare them for a better job if they are already employed. Learning new skills should never be a distant dream but a simple reality. We want to bring in-demand skills within your reach at an affordable price.

We will partner with employers as well to provide interview opportunities to the students we teach. We will then become a launch pad for the students who want to join a field or someone who is changing their job roles.

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Our Instructors

Nikhil Manhas
IIT Kanpur, 10 Years of Experience
Nikhil is an IIT Kanpur graduate , with over 10 years of industry experience across corporates like HSBC and tech startups like Happyloans, Teabox and Cloodon. He is also an entrepreneur and previously built Plovist and provided tech consulting to many startups. Nikhil has worked as a full-stack developer working on the front end and back end of high-scale web applications used by thousands of users. Nikhil has mentored many developers starting their technical journey.